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Active Shooter Training


Our Less Lethal Staff Can Be Brought In To Create A Realistic, Stressful Active Shooter Training Scenario Incorporating:

One Or Multiple Active Shooters
 Booby Traps
Smoke Producing Fog Machines
Our Safe But Loud C02 Powered Training Flashbangs
Our Live Fire TRACS Robot With A Remote Control Launcher
"Wounded" Victims

This Combination Creates An Incredibly Realistic, Stressful And Chaotic Environment Incorporating The Sights And Sounds Of An Active Shooter Situation. 


Along With Live Moving Active Shooter or Shooters, Our TRACS Robot Is Remotely Operated By One Of Our Trained Less Lethal Staff And Can Also Move And Ambush Participants In The Scenario. Our TRACS Is Equipped With A Paintball Launcher Which Can Be Remotely Activated To Fire Compressed Air Simulating Gunfire Or It Can Engage The Participates With Marking Rounds.


Our Safe But Loud C02 Powered Training Flashbangs Make Great Booby Traps. These Stress The Participates In The Senario Pressing Them To Wonder What Could Be Waiting For Them Around The Next Corner As They Search For The Active Shooter Or Shooters.


Clearing A School Building Under The Stress Of A Less Lethal Created Active Shooter Scenario Using The Ballistic Active Shooter Shield.
(For More Information On The Ballistic Active Shooter Shield, Click On The Ballistic Shield Tab On The Left Of This Page.)



Less Lethal Staff Setting Up Booby Traps
 Using Our Safe C02 Powered Training Flashbangs
 And Preparing The TRACS Firearms Robot
For A Mulit-Agency Active Shooter Training

Wound Prosthetics Add To The Realism

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