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AimCam Applications:

Active Shooter Training
Firearms Training
Firearm Armorer Instructional Videos
Traffic Stops
Drug Searches
DUI Check Points
Field Interviews
K-9 Tracking
Tactical Entries
Search Warrants
Suspicious Persons
Crash Scenes
Crime Scenes
SWAT Operations
Daily Law Enforcement Patrols And Operations
Citizens On Patrol
Use In Corrections
Cell Extractions
Inmate Intake & Processing

Setting Up Your AimCam With Our Free App 

AimCam Details

AimCam is a fully adjustable point-of-view camera
built into durable shooting glasses.

AimCam’s free APP streams live video directly to any iOS or Android device.

 AimCam allows you to precisely align the Micro CMOS camera
in the direction of the action and lock it in.

 AimCam sees exactly what your eyes see.

Records audio and video in stunning 1080P.

Rechargeable lithium battery can be recharged with any USB phone charger.

Takes up to 32GB class 10 or above Micro SD card.

Records audio & video for up over 1 hour.

Extend your recording time up to 6 hours with the external battery pack accessory. 


AimCam Features:

Wi-Fi enabled: connects to app via phone or tablet (iOS & Android compatible) 
8MP Micro CMOS camera
Captures 12MP photos (via app)
Video modes : 1080p @ 30 fps / 720p @ 60 fps
H.264 video compression format
.MOV file format
Internal microphone
Takes up to 32 GB Micro SD card
Rechargeable lithium battery (1+ hour active use time and up to 6 hours with external battery pack accessory)
Micro USB data / charging port


Hard storage case
2mm Thick Lenses Z87+ Impact Resistance 100% UV Protection - U6
interchangeable safety/UV protection lenses (yellow, clear, and black)
Compatible with prescription mount sold separately
Cleaning cloth
Protective bag
Micro USB cable
Head strap
Micro tool for camera tilt adjustment
Spare parts (clips & screws)
Access to the free AimCam iOS/Android app

These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of the AimCam. They provide basic information on the operation of the unit. If you have any questions about the AimCam that are not covered here or elsewhere on our website, please contact us at 513-550-7425 or email us at: Rjuler@LessLethalProducts.com



AimCam is the only action camera that has been designed from the ground up to capture line of sight.  Only AimCam has our patented camera mounting system and unique line of sight.


AimCam has a directional 8 mega Pixel microcamera that can be mounted directly above the user’s dominant eye. This can then be adjusted to compensate for any tilt or angle of the users head when aiming. Other mounted camera only point in a single direction, only AimCam points where your eye is looking.


+ Is AimCam only for Aiming sports?


No, AimCam is a fully adjustable camera system which can be manipulated to record/live stream any new adventure, your way.


+ Do you need the lenses in the glasses when wearing AimCam?


No the Frames of the AimCam glasses are ridged and the camera system can function perfectly without the lenses in. However, all of our lenses are certified safety lenses!


+ Does AimCam work for either left or right eye dominance?


Yes! AimCam comes with a range of clips suitable for positioning the micro-camera above either the left or right eye.


+ How long does the AimCam battery last?


If you want to use the AimCam as a training aid and Wirelessly live stream to an instructors tablet or phone then the battery will need to be recharged after approximately 1 hour of use. If you turn off Wi-Fi and just record then the internal battery can record for up to 1 hour 15 minutes before you need to recharge or switch to external battery power. Runs up to 6 hours with external battery pack. AimCam is capable of working while being charged at the same time. Connect to a USB Powerbank with the included micro USB cable to give your AimCam an unlimited battery life.


+ How Long will my AimCam record for on a 32GB SD Card?


Recording time will vary according to the resolution setting used and the card capacity. Here is the average recording storage times for your AimCam camera with a 32GB SD card:

• 1080p Full HD (30 fps): 4h 20m

• 720p (60 fps): 4h 20

• 720p (30 fps): 8h 05m

• WVGA (60 fps): 8h 05m


We Recommend the Classification of the SD card to be (Class 10 or above)


Reduce the record times above to half for a 16GB memory cards.



+ Can I just live stream my view/line of sight without having to record?


Yes, you don’t even need an SD card in your AimCam! Just switch on, Hit the WiFi button and you’re live streaming, it’s as easy as that straight out the box!


+ Do the frames allow the prescription lenses?


Yes the frames are compatible with the prescription mount which is sold separately. We have found that our frame/camera system can be worn at the same time as some standard prescription glasses and this is down to your personal requirements and choice.


+ What is [WDR] within the app?


Wide dynamic range adjusts automatically to bright and dark areas to adjust for and help eliminate overexposure and under exposure conditions. It helps improve the overall exposure of the image and sets the camera to pick up more detail in dark areas. The settings for WDR can be controlled using the built in OSD (on screen display) menu in the AimCam App. [WDR] Icon 'white' is - OFF / Icon' blue' is - ON.


We included WDR in our camera as when participating in a lot of shooting or other sports you are looking from dark to light (Ground to Sky, Woodland Etc..) and this setting helps balance the light levels


mCam App. [WDR] Icon 'white' is - OFF / Icon' blue' is - ON.


We included WDR in our camera as when participating in a lot of shooting or other sports you are looking from dark to light (Ground to Sky, Woodland Etc..) and this setting helps balance the light levels


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