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Guardian Pepper Spray

We Are An Authorized Guardian Pepper Spray Stocking Distributor

We Have The Lowest Prices On The Entire Line Of Guardian Products. Guaranteed!

Why Guardian Pepper Spray?

Let’s start with the fact that it is proven to be the VERY BEST in a blind test conducted by the US Military!

Guardian Pepper Spray was developed as a tool to assist all Law Enforcement, and Military. It offers an alternative means of applying controlling force.  

From high altitude rapid decompression to desert environment Guardian understands that our products are used in harsh climates and high threat environments, where failure is not an option. All of our products are manufactured to excel at military standard 810-F and manufactured in a DoD approved facility.  

In a blind test conducted by the US Army at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Guardian Pepper Spray was proven to be the very best over all leading manufactures.  Guardian was awarded the IRCAD (Individual Riot Control Agent Disperser) contract and issued several NSN’s (National Stock Numbers) and our products are currently deployed all over the world; CONUS and OCONUS for a less lethal option. Further, we received a plaque for exceptional performance after years of use in the field from the US Army, and are considered a partner for supplying the best equipment possibly to our troops.

 All Guardian Pepper Spray is made to our QRD standard. This stands for Quality, Reliability and Dependability.


Independent HPLC testing to verify Major Capsaicinoid heat levels
Made in a DoD approved facility
Tested for leaks and deployment at factory
Highest Grade Components and Ingredients used in the manufacturing process
Non-Flammable and is safe for use with EMD devices (Electro-Muscular Disruptor) such as TASER™.
Serial Numbers, Expiration Dates, Stock Numbers, and Delivery System are all included on the label for easy identification
Superior Formulation

Guardian Pepper Spray
Was Proven To Be The VERY BEST
In A Blind Test Conducted By
 The US Military And Is Currently
In Use By Our Armed Forces


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