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Force 1 Helmet

Force 1 Instructor Helmet

A molded plastic helmet for “Reality Based” training which allows for marking round impact protection, a comfortable fit, superior visibility and breath-ability.



Anti-fog dual lens with maximum peripheral vision
Resilient molded mask parts for high impact protection of many types of marking rounds
Rubber goggle frame with soft gaskets for comfortable fit against the face
Highly durable mesh cover for optimum airflow through lower mask, which provides additional impact protection under, chins and cheeks
Perforated ear cover protection without loss of audibility
Silicone beaded goggle strap for non-slip function Backside padded head protection made from durable "Rip Stop" nylon material

Padded Hood

A “Reality Based” training padded hood, which allows for marking round impact protection, a comfortable, lightweight fit and breath-ability. (This hood is to be worn in conjunction with the Force 1 Helmet when a Kevlar helmet is not worn)
Breathable open cell foam padding on crown, back of head and neck for impact protection
Moisture wicking balaclava base for reduced sweat absorption and over heating
Fits with the Force 1 Helmet

Neck Protector

EVA foam neck protection for “Reality Based” training, which allows for marking round impact protection, comfort fit and breath-ability.


EVA sewn foam panels for total flexibility
Lightweight streamline design for comfortable fit
Notched neck for great mobility
Soft “Rip Stop” nylon material for durability and comfortably against skin
Padded neck skirt for total throat and upper chest protection

Chest Protector

An EVA molded foam chest and back piece for “Reality Based” training, which allows for marking

round impact protection, a comfortable fit and breath-ability.



Velcro cinch shoulder and sided adjustments for universal size fitting
 Lightweight molded foam core for marking round impact protection 
Cordura exterior for durability and vented channels for breath-ability on interior
 Designed to simulate a duty vest 
3 loop location on front of chest for attaching Mic
 Horizontal Velcro bar on the back for attaching a badge patch or instructor ID patch

Groin Protector

EVA molded foam groin protection for “Reality Based” training, which allows for marking round impact protection, comfort fit and breath-ability.



Lightweight molded foam core for marking round impact protection
Cordura exterior for durability and vented channels for breath-ability on interior
Internal hard cup insert pocket for additional protection option
 Waist strap with snap buckle for easy on – easy off set-up
2 Leg straps for universal cinch fit with snap buckles for easy on – easy of set-up

PDT Tech Hand Armor

A form fitting glove for “Reality Based” training which allows for marking round impact protection, a comfortable fit and breath-ability. These gloves are designed with a low profile and include no exterior padding like most other gloves on the market in an effort to prevent snagging.




Inner foam core with a rubber top skin for maximum impact protection
 Superior dexterity for allowing the ease of manipulating weapons and tools 
Ribbed Nylon Exterior for flex, breath-ability and total comfort fit
 Velcro wrist strap for easy cinch closure 
Soft Cowhide palms for durability and comfort

Glove Sizing Chart

Marking Knife

A strong, plastic molded marking knife for edged weapons training, the PDT Tech training knife is manufactured with felt edge around entire blade to allow for clear strike patterns.




 One-piece plastic knife built for harsh training environments
Highly durable felt edge for marking compound application (with a replacement felt) 
Durable carrying sheath able to be worn on any duty belt or standard belt
Packaged with one pre-filled bottle of water soluble marking compound for strike pattern high visibility

Pop-2-Drop Targetry

A two-dimensional, life-size reactionary target, the PDT Tech target system is for NLTA application only and reacts (falls) when the neurological (head area) or blood pressure (chest area) is sufficiently impacted. The target body is placed within a suspension stand, which is designed with a backstop mesh to capture projectiles. The suspension stand front incorporates a ‘presentation’ curtain that is activated via a remote control to present the target demanding the student to make shoot/don’t shoot choices. Interchangeable faces and props are available for the hand area. Easy to setup, maintain, and clean.

Portable Range

Unique ranges designed to create a safe, controlled environment for NLTA engagements in a real-life urban setting. The PDT Tech ranges are portable and entirely weather proof for training anywhere, including marine environments. The design ensures complete projectile containment while allowing optional external viewing for training benefits. The range panels include ID codes to match placement upon a range floor/carpet map and can be placed in a multitude of configurations as large as a village.

PDT's Range & Targetry
As Seen In The Steven Seagal Series "Lawman"

The History Of Practical Defense Training Technologies:

Over the past 26 years, PDT Technologies has earned a reputation as a leader in RBT (Reality Based Training) technologies and equipment for the law enforcement and military communities. Dedicated to becoming the gold standard for RBT training products and applications, PDT Technologies has spent several years and numerous resources to develop a unique and cohesive training system. This system combines a complete line of PPE (personal protection equipment), Portable Ranges, Targetry, and related accessories that are carefully designed and crafted to ensure extremely safe, practical, and diverse training experiences.

Today, PDT Technologies provides a complete, quality RBT environment to fit all of your training requirements. Moving forward, we are dedicated to research, innovation and growth that will ensure we meet, and ultimately exceed, your requirements tomorrow.  


PDT... "Setting The Standard For Reality Based Training"

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