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TRACS Firearms Robot

We Are An Authorized Northern Lights Tactical TRACS Distributor & Instructor/Operator

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The TRACS Is Surprisingly Affordable
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 Our TRACS Robot Being Used At A Multi-Agency Active Shooter Training. To See More TRACS Videos, Click On The Active Shooter Training Tab On The Left Of This Page.


The TRACS Training Robot Covers 21 Feet In 2 Seconds From A Standstill!

Most weapons training pits the student against static paper targets or at best a turning target that can only limit the time that the target is visible. But enemy combatants never stand still!

What’s needed is a target system that moves. Currently available moving targets are linear and travel at a constant speed. But your adversary won't travel in straight lines at a constant speed!

Linear track systems? Too Expensive. Requires dedicated installation.

Overhanging wire systems? Wires get shot and the system goes down.

Pneumatic targets? Too much money for too few features.

And the most significant shortcoming of the existing systems is predictability. After a few attempts, the student will become accustomed to the movement. This means that while muscle memory can be trained with these systems, tactical training that uses the rest of the brain cannot.

Key Advantages

The TRACS system has the following key advantages that make it a superior choice:

1. TRACS is armor plated with NIJ Level IIIA / MIL-DTL-46177 true armor plate steel not just ordinary mild steel (such as ASTM A-366/A-1008). This makes the unit able to withstand bullet impacts from all pistol calibers, 12 gauge rifled slug, and frangible rifle rounds. No need
to worry about an errant round destroying a valuable piece of training equipment. Rifle-grade armor plating available.

2. TRACS is equipped with foam-filled rubber tires that will continue to run should they be hit by incoming fire.

3. TRACS has an operational range that exceeds 1 mile line-of-sight. Long-range rifle shooters can practice with the system with great success.

4. TRACS is engineered to climb slopes that exceed 25 degrees under full load conditions.

5. TRACS can operate in extremely rough terrain conditions not just on a smooth surface.

6. TRACS will run in deep grass, ¾-inch gravel, rocky dry washes, sand, and even snow.

7. TRACS is carefully engineered for durability and reliability. All steel and armor plate monocoque chassis ensure that your investment will last for many years.

8. TRACS requires virtually no maintenance. Its motors feature sealed gearboxes that require no cleaning or lubrication.

9. TRACS is expandable and upgradeable. A built-in expansion port allows you to add accessories such as camera systems, paintball guns, payload delivery devices, etc.

10. TRACS features four industrial-grade, high-torque motors that provide rapid and realistic acceleration. TRACS is engineered to simulate the acceleration of human charging assailants that are able to cover 21 feet in two seconds from a standstill.

11. TRACS capability exceeds 400 pounds. Its mass and low center of gravity mean you can put more than just paper targets on top.

12. TRACS optional accessories include: remotely fired paintball gun, wireless camera, hostage rescue phone delivery, remote flashbang/gas canister trigger, payload/auxiliary target
trailer, reactive targets, and balloon sand tires.

13. Battery can be changed in less than 60 seconds and the battery compartment can hold two batteries to
double the running time.

14. Replaceable high-gain antenna.

15. Remote control features easy to understand English text display.

For Information On How To Reserve The TRACS
 For Your Next Firearms, PepperBall Or
Active Shooter Training
Call: 513-550-7425

The TRACS Is Surprisingly Affordable
 And Is Delivered And Staffed
 By Our TRACS Less Lethal, LLC Operators

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