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The training flashbang can be attached to a tactical vest or jacket. Its color and shape are very similar to flashbangs currently used by law enforcement and military. Its handling, operation and function are also similar. In designing the training flashbang, we felt the more realistic, the more effective the training.


Since the training flashbang does not contain any gun powder or explosives, they can be used in all types of training scenarios without the worry of a fire hazard. The training flashbang is powered by inexpensive and readily available 12gram disposable Co2 cylinders. This helps to insure the safety of the user. However, you still have to beware of its deafening “BANG”.

The Blast:

The training flashbang creates a noise level over 130db and is comparable to the decibel level of an operating pneumatic drill or a plane flying over-head.


The maintenance and replacement cost are low compared to other flashbang systems. The training flashbang system is about 1/10 the price of other systems!

Reusable features:

The training flashbang is reusable. After using, simply replace the 12gram disposable Co2 gas cylinder and the outer shell and you are good to go. Installation and Setup procedures are also simple and easy. Please refer to user manual for setup and installation.

Training Flashbang Products

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Flashbang Main Core

Item#: MC-12FAST1
Price: $89.95
Flashbang Main Core, Plus 12 Flashbang Outer Shells, Plus 2 Firing Pins

Replacement Flashbang Outer Shell

Item#: REP-12FAST
Price: $59.95
Replacement Flashbang Outer Shell -12 Pack In Black

Reusable Metal Firing Pin

Price: $5.00
Reusable Metal Firing Pin

Reusable Metal Spoon

Item#: Spoon
Price: $9.00
Reusable Metal Spoon

CO2 Cartridges

CO2 Cartridges Can Only be Shipped via Ground

Crosman CO2

Item#: C5p
Price: $7.95 + Shipping
Crosman CO2 5 Pack

Crosman CO2

Item#: C15P
Price: $15.95 + Shipping
Crosman CO2 Fifteen Pack

Crosman CO2

Item#: C25P
Price: $18.95 + Shipping
Crosman CO2 Twenty-Five Pack

Crosman CO2

Item#: C40P
Price: $27.95 + Shipping
Crosman CO2 Forty Pack

Crosman CO2

Item#: C100P
Price: $66 + Shipping
Crosman CO2 One Hundred Pack

Crosman CO2

Item#: C500P
Price: $276 + Shipping
Crosman CO2 Five Hundred Pack