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  • Patented / Made in the U.S.A.
  • 5-Year Quality Guarantee; (5 Year Minimum Shelf Life)
  • Cobra CuffsCobra Cuffs Double-Lock Improves Officer Safety by making it virtually impossible to shim / pick or break using blunt force techniques commonly used with nylon Zip Tie type restraints.
  • The unique wedge shaped design of the Locking Clip also prevents accidental over-tightening of the cuffs during prisoner transport or a struggle.
  • Cobra Cuffs reduces officer liability and is safer and more comfortable for the prisoner compared to stiff nylon or metal cuffs.
  • Works well in Extreme Cold or Dry, Hot Climates. (-20° F to 120° F)
  • The tactical advantage in fully assembled Cobra Cuffs can be found in no other disposable restraint allowing immediate control by the officer.
  • Fully assembled and foldable for convenience and safety. It allows officers to carry several sets for mass arrest or crowd control situations without the weight of metal cuffs.
  • 4 standard Colors: Black, Tan, Green & White. Custom colors in Orange, Yellow & Pink also available.
  • Re-Useable Trainer Cuffs are Blue or Red – For Training Only

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Cobra Cuffs

Patented Double Lock

Cobra Cuffs® are the only disposable restraint with a patented double lock. Push in the locking clip for extra safety and strength. Also prevents over-tightening.

Cobra Cuff Double Lock

3 Pack Compact Restraint Pouch

Carry 3 Cobra Cuffs®. Complete restraint packs are sold empty or preloaded with Cobra Cuffs® and attached Scarab Cutter for convenience. All restraints pouches have universal straps to attach to belt or molle.

Quick Tactical Use

Cobra Cuffs® can also be stored open, on standard 1.5” – 2” molle webbing for quick deployment in tactical situations. Cobra Cuffs® can be unfolded and inserted under straps of riot gear for quick tactical use. Simply pull free and the loops open up to easily cuff suspects.

Cobra Cuffs

Reusable Blue Trainer Cobra Cuffs® 

Blue training Cobra Cuffs® are re-usable allowing for training and practicing using the same design, without wasting product. Proper techniques and procedures can be refined using the same design, just without the double lock. Straps simply pull free with minor resistance.

Reusable Blue Trainer Cobra Cuffs

Reusable Scarab Cutter

Use our ASP Scarab Cutter to easily cut off Cobra Cuffs.  It is a compact, easily carried, lightweight cutter specifically designed for disposable restraints.


Cobra Cuffs Page 1 Testimonal Cobra Cuffs Page 2 Testimonal

….Simply love them. Easy to use, easy to cut off, easy to carry on a molle vest. I have used them in hands on operations, taking subjects into custody and could not have asked for anything more. The drug task force I am detailed to just sent out a request to order…
Thanks for sending them out to look at. I know we will be buying more shortly.
Special Agent
DHS-ICE Homeland Security Investigations
Blaine, WA 98230

…..We are very pleased with the new super cuffs, or “Cobra Cuffs”, and the cutting/rescue tool. We have used the Cobra Cuffs on numerous search warrants, SWAT calls, and K9 searches. The versatile, modular style of your cuff makes is easier to carry multiple sets of cuffs, on our vests, and also can carry a few extras in our cargo pockets when folded up. The speed, and ease of your cuffs is like no other cuff. We will most certainly be ordering more cuffs from you in the future!
Officer R. WXXXXXX
Birmingham Police Department
Tactical/K9 Division

….The ease of use, durability, along with the double-locking capability of this disposable restraint system has gained high praise from our law enforcement and corrections experts that have had the opportunity to try your product while training at our facilities.

Not only that, but your product was the main restraint system used in the CERT competition, which is one of only two corrections based tactical events that is held in the eastern part of the U.S. (second to the Mock Prison Riots –a federally funded program). In my professional opinion, consisting of over twenty years of law enforcement, you have well demonstrated your commitment to safety and excellence among your peers throughout the state of North Carolina and
North Carolina Department of Justice
NC Justice Academy